Bio – Helene Anne

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Award-winning professional portrait photographer.

It is now 25 years since I have been photographing the faces of Canada. Having spent 12 years studying with the greatest photographic masters in North America, I developed a unique process to capture the essence of my clients. I want to bring out their greatness, their beauty, and to create original works of art for each one.

Canadian Centennial MedalI am the recipient of a Governor General’s Medal for some of my work celebrating Canada. Other accolades include having won the Grand Prize for Canadian Geographic Magazine.

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As a teacher, creativity mentor/coach and public speaker, my goal is to inspire and to help each person live a more creative (i.e, fulfilling) life.

N.B. The artwork you see on this website was created by Helene Anne (except for image of her and her big Tango pup which was captured by her amazing assistant, Lynn Lacroix).

I wish to thank my clients for granting me permission to use their images on this site.  The paintings included herein are also my digital art.  Helene Anne

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