Creativity Coaching Programme


“How flippin’ far I’ve come in the past while.  And how much I have actually achieved. It is exhilarating! I feel free!! …. That has been consistent all throughout my time working with you. ” BD

Barbi defazio with signatureMy life is just one big creativity (re-)evolution.  Out of  The Art of Seeing Workshops another need surfaced.

Certain clients were wanting to stay connected to their Creativity (well beyond what was delivered in a workshop), and my Creativity Coaching Programme was born.

This mentoring programme helps people reclaim part of themselves that got lost (or that got put aside) because life got in the way.

We work closely together over four months to help you get back on track (or explore a new track).

I love to see my clients fly on their designated path.  Link here for details of the Creativity Coaching Programme.

Note:  For those Creativity Coaching clients from afar, we work via skype, email and phone to keep the connection close.

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