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I spent many years photographing weddings.  I LOVED photographing weddings!  Then my portrait studio got into overload, and I handed those wonderful gatherings back to other professionals.

Of late I am being contacted by more and more brides (some very disappointed) as to what they experienced with their wedding photographers.  Some were requesting a re-shoot with me (yes, they still had their wedding dress!)

Some seeking assistance in relation to the creation of their wedding album.Helene Anne Fortin Weddings BB

I learned, to my astonishment, that some wedding photographers were handing over thousands of digitized images to their clients, and telling them to “pick their favourites”

… and from that short list their wedding album would be created.

Priscilla-Foster-Handmade-9-900x590@2xAn impossible task!  Brides become totally overwhelmed. And, of course, the wedding album never gets completed.

As professional photographers I think we are falling down on the job.  So I am back doing weddings.  Doing it with the same level of care, quality and time that I offer my portrait clients.

To get a glimpse into that specialty, please view Helene Anne’s Weddings: 

There you will find 8 fabulous tips to help you select the right wedding photographer for your needs.

On a final note:  My wedding photography will be a combination of film and digital images.  My promise: Not only to capture amazing images on your wedding day, but to work hand-in-hand with you to create that wedding album that so clearly reflects one of the most important days in your life!

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