Why Film?

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At the heart of my Studio’s portrait work is black and white film.  Why film and not digital?  Because there are 180,000 gradients of colour in a piece of celluloid film.

What impact does that have on your portraits?

  • Definition
  • Quality
  • Longevity

Digital images have only 256 gradients of colour vs. 180,000 gradients found in black and white film.

Using film gives your portrait more visual impact as there are more nuances of subtle colour within the artwork.

Our Studio’s portraits are all hand-printed and selenium-toned in the darkroom. That renders an artwork with added definition, quality and stability giving the final portrait greater longevity.

Digital photography has many great characteristics (I teach digital photography in my Art of Seeing workshops), but for your portrait artwork I insist on the quality of film.
 PS  Did you know that Eastman Kodak made film commercially available in 1889?  And yes, film is widely available today, and used by many art photographers. Expect quality and guarantees from your photographer.


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