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“In the past, I have shot over 30,000 images. I take many courses to keep me shooting.  But since taking The Art of Seeing Workshop with Helene Anne I am creating some of my best work.  I am simply seeing better… I look at things in a whole new way.”  BG

Wedding png specializing in May 30 2017(6)It has been 25 years since I started photographing the faces of Canada.  Over time, people sought me out for teaching and creativity coaching.

I love helping people stay connected to their creativity. It is a powerful source of joy and satisfaction.

I now run (proudly), in between my busy portrait studio life, workshops entitled, The Art of Seeing.

The Art of Seeing Workshops have three successive levels, each pushing the participant to new heights in their own unique way of seeing and, hopefully, embedding in them a deep connection to their Creative Self.  These day-long workshops are run from my Wakefield Quebec Studio.  Details of The Art the Seeing Workshop can be found at:

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